Todays look was an accidental triumph. I've had this neon green sweater for almost 2 years now and only wore it once because I just wasnt feeling the fit. I decided I wanted to be bright and fall comfy so I wanted to give this sweater another go round. Wearing the sweater backwards was the perfect idea. Married with my comfy black skirt (that goes with everything) and my black moto boots I was comfy enough and looked kinda cute at the park. I babysat a friends 5 year old. Although he wasn't impressed with my sweater. He says "your skin is showing". I said "I know" and then he said I should cover up because "he doesn't want anyone to laugh at my sweater". Tee hee. Kids! I don't think I looked funny, do you?

Sweater: Thrifted (this one has some extra pizazz) // Skirt: Forever21 // Boots: Alloy (super old! but try this studded pair or this badass pair)
And I'm happy to report that I enjoyed my hair today. Good hair days are so liberating! Makes you walk with a strut, right?