Dressing for yourself

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hendrix has been dressing herself lately. I’ll ask her what she wants to wear and she pulls it out. All mom does it make sure that it is weather appropriate or make an adjustment or two. But this look all her. She pulled out this tutu and boots and I was like “oh, okayyy then!”

Looks like she was gonna hit the dougie for y’all real quick, but she was just running away from the camera and mom has quick reflexes. Haha!

What are some things you do to instill autonomy and confidence in your children? Letting Heni pick out her clothes is fun for me and her! 

Hendrix’s boots are from Nordstrom and I got them for $17!!! I wish they had more but here is a cool kids shoe site I found with some similar boots

Also, most of Heni’s rock tees have come from the boys section. So always look in the little boys area to find some cool unisex items too!

Check out some things we found to re-create this look. 

My Own Goals

Monday, February 17, 2020 become my own #goals. 

I was talking to my husband about our goals. He’s back in school again and I’m happy to see he is enjoying the process. It’s so important to actually experience your journey. At times I get so frustrated and impatient about these small steps I’m taking to build a brand. I want the loan or seed money from a family investor like some are able to have, but at the end of the day I look at some of my favorite entrepreneurs and see that they spent years of consistent building to be where they are. Just food for thought. No more rushing my steps. 

Yes I git pre baby and post baby stretch marks. But when I tell you, you’re gonna get all this glory. I’m learning to be good with me at every stage. 

And eloquii does it again with the suit. If you want to try this look you should check it out now while the ENTIRE SUIT IS almost 70% off! 

Happy Love Day!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! And if you don't celebrate this day with anyone else, then love on yourself because you are enough.

Shop Hendrix's Look!

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Little Galentine Gift Guide

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Of course we don't need one day for love. We should love and be loved all year round. But it's okay to use a day to make you love and celebrate a little harder. To dress up and feel a little more sexy or giving. 

My husband and I have had 14 years worth of Valentines Days so I am totally okay with a card, wine, and dinner IN.

I do plan on incorporating Hendrix in my Valentines day celebrations. I have so many ideas for gifts for her, and I thought that maybe you could benefit from these items all under $45!

ADIDAS Stan Smith Valentine Sneaker, Main, color, WHITE/ WHITE/ LUSH RED

How cute are these Stan Smith Heart Adidas?! With Spring coming up I can see her getting a lot of wear out of these to sweeten up her sundresses.

CAPELLI NEW YORK Mermazing Heart Sunglasses & Case Set, Main, color, PINK COMBO

I adore how Jazzy these are Heart sunnies. Of course Hendrix has to have fly glasses to match moms.

Pointed Heart Necklace - Crystal/Rose Gold Plated
LILY NILY Heart Pendant Necklace, Main, color, GOLD

Jewelry is always a good idea. I adore both of these heart necklaces. The rose gold one is a little more glam while the pink one is playful. Since I've been making jewelry I have made her a few things but she's not the best at not taking off and losing her things. So this may be a better idea for you with kids a bit older.

Minnie Mouse Purple Mini Backpack

My baby is not small anymore and she reminds me all the time. Since the days of carrying a diaper bag are pretty much over, I think it's cute for her to have a book bag to carry a few essentials in. Especially during lawn concert and park season. Since she loves Minnie Mouse, this Minnie Mouse backpack is a no brainer.  As a matter of fact she's pointing at it right now saying "that's mine!"

TRULY ME Colorblock Tiered Mesh Skirt, Main, color, PINK
I feel like tutus are a must for her wardrobe. She has had a least two in her clothing rotation since she was born. They look so cute dressed down with graphic tees. And how cute would this red and pink tutu be with the heart adidas, gasp!!!

Black history is all history

Monday, February 3, 2020

Things hit different when your raising a whole human. Of course it’s always important to know your history and know thyself, but now I have this beautiful little girl watching. 

Do you remember that experiment when they showed the lighter and darker dolls to little kids and asked which one was smarter, more beautiful, more fun etc... ? Well it was always heart breaking to see the black children point to the darkest doll as the ugliest and most stupid or mean. 

How do we ingrain an early self love? We speak to our kids. One thing I try and do with Hendrix is shower her with compliments. If I catch her basking in the mirror, I’ll tell her she’s so pretty. Her hair is thick. Her skin is gorgeous and smooth. And I know she’s listening because she’ll tell me all the time what she likes on me. She’s doing what she is learning.

Black is not only outward beauty but inner beauty and intelligence. So I show her black authors and black dolls. She’ll be three soon and I’m going to be showing her all the ways we contribute to society and the world. How black and brown people show up and leave their imprint. If no one else teaches her, I will. The world will try and show her she’s not it, but Princess Hendrix will already be beyond that.  

Hendrix and I are wearing t-shirts from Target. 

Eloquent in Eloquii

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome to my blog! Well, it's been here but ya know...welcome back! It's 2020, and I'm glad to find myself in a creative space. Looking better and feeling better! I am such a different person even from last year. My spirituality has shifted tremendously. I started creating in completely new avenues. I've learned so much about myself and as I approach 37 I have a new awareness of myself and my developing wisdom.

So here's to a new year and the same me, but always striving.


I cannot even count how many suits I have purchased from Eloquii over the last couple of years. I think I am at 11 suits. They're suits just fit me so perfectly. The quality is superb and they are so chic and perfect for looking bomb in or out of the office. This unique wrap blazer was on my wishlist the minute I saw it and their 50% off deals don't hurt either. Make sure you check out their Semi Annual clearance they have up to 80% off in some of their clearance. You might see 40% of my wardrobe from there. This is not even a joke guys, like seriously run.

Click the photos below for my blue suit!

Leopard and Leather

Sunday, February 3, 2019

I have spent way too much time on Eloquiis website. Honestly since I've become more loving to my size 16 frame I've been dressing accordingly, then in walks Eloquii. And they have amazing ass sales! Like this leopard coat. I'm just saying, don't be surprised if most of my wardrobe posts include Eloquii!

My pants were a must have from Target, last years Who What Wear collection. And they are super hot...literally. I was burning up in this once the afternoon hit. But I really hit the mark when I found these white booties at Rue 21 for $7. Yup, you read that right.

But seriously you can never go wrong with Leopard and Leather. 

Get in on the look by shopping some super cute options I found below.